February 20, 2019


In the first installment of this 2019 Security Report we reviewed the latest trends and threats facing the IT security industry today. In the second we took a deeper look at the cyber crime underworld to get a grasp on the democratization of cybercrime, and understood how malware has shifted gears to take a more stealth-like approach to infect organizations.

In this installment we focus on how threat actors are able to keep one step ahead by targeting the weakest points in an organization’s IT infrastructure – the cloud, mobile and IoT. Indeed, these platforms offer a threat actor a much higher chance of success and fewer obstacles to overcome due to them being traditionally less protected.

As a result, their profits can often be higher due to more private data stored on mobile devices and larger databases and resources held in the cloud. With account takeovers becoming increasingly common, and the introduction of GDPR in 2018, potential data breaches and other attacks are simply too costly to ignore.

Download the third installment of the 2019 Security Report to understand just how vulnerable cloud, mobile and IoT platforms are to infiltration and surveillance, and why organizations need to have security front of mind when using them for their business operations.

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